Pre-Conference Workshop Day
Tuesday, January 24 | 9:00am - 1:00pm

9.00 Registration & Coffee Networking Room Opens

WORKSHOP A - 10am - 1pm

Modifying RNA, Delivery & Cellular Products to Avoid Immunogenecity to Accelerate Safe RNA-Based Cellular Therapeutics Through to Clinical Development

  • Deep-diving into modifications and packaging methods to decrease immunogenicity of RNA within cellular products to evade immune responses to prevent rejection and severe immune responses
  • Preventing immunogenicity of receptors to RNA within a cell product
  • Taking learnings from vaccines for infectious disease treatment to clarify the feasibility of non-immunogenic mRNA expansion in cellular products for oncology treatment
  • Elucidating the clinical impacts of immunogenicity on persistence, ability to retreat and re-dose to clarify the clinical benefit
  • Harnessing assays to predict innate sensing in a preclinical stage to advance to the clinic

Workshop Leaders:

Dharini Shah
David Peritt

Dharini Shah
Senior Research
Tidal Therapeutics
– (a Sanofi

David Peritt
Founder & CSO

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Gilles Besin

Cory Sago
Co-Founder & CEO
New Stealth